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Malpeet K9 Academy specialises in the use of operational dog teams, the sale of dogs in various disciplines and handler training both for UK and overseas customers.


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Christmas with Crackers

Christmas with Crackers

You can now buy your luxury Christmas crackers online for European delivery at Christmas with

No British Christmas table is complete without Christmas crackers. They are a great way to decorate the table and create a festive atmosphere. Your foreign guests will love discovering this Victorian British tradition. Fun and laughter are guaranteed.

Christmas with offers a wide range of high-quality Christmas crackers which are made by hand using the best papers. No cardboard in sight! Each cracker contains a snap, a deluxe party hat, a quality gift and a joke.

  • For the third time in six months, ICA has told ICANN that the legally questionable and largely unnecessary attempts of International Governmental Agencies (IGOs) and International Nongovernmental Agencies (INGOs) to secure extraordinary protections for their organizational acronyms at second level domains should be met with a firm and resounding “no”. Read More...

  • Dontus entered EAP general availability for three other new gTLDs : .Viajes, .Codes and .Farm. Read More...

  • An arbitrator with the National Arbitration Forum has recently awarded the domain name to Yahoo.The company submitted the complaint on January 30,2014. Read More...

  • [news release] ICANN today (17 April) announced the beginning of a transition to a new website. Read More...

  • Verisign posted preliminary public comments on the "Mitigating the Risk of DNS Namespace Collisions" Phase One Report released by ICANN earlier this month. JAS Global Advisors, authors of the report contracted by ICANN, have done solid work putting together a set of recommendations to address the name collisions problem, which is not an easy one, given the uncertainty for how installed systems actually interact with the global DNS.  However, there is still much work to be done. Read More...

  •,sold for $200,002,topped Domain Name Journal sales list of reported domain names for the last week,ending April 13,2014. Read More...

  • Neustar, announced recently results for the quarter ended March 31,2014 and affirmed its revenue and adjusted net income guidance for 2014. Read More...

  • Afilias announced today the general availability of its first Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) at the top level : .移动 (.MOBILE in Chinese). Read More...

  • Six other new gTLDs entered general availability today. Five of the six new gTLDs come from and the sixth one comes from Bill Doshier . Read More...

  • New gTLDs are inspiring a wide range of developments in domain names, and conferences is one of them. One conference coming up in May is the Asia Pac Digital Marketing and gTLD Strategy Congress, to be held from 14 to 15 May in Hong Kong aimed at applicants in the first round of new gTLD applications, and any organisation considering applying in future rounds. Read More...